Are you aware of any RISKS about the potential move of EIS to Otaniemi?

Please provide short and sharp descriptions or examples of such risks.



10 thoughts on “Are you aware of any RISKS about the potential move of EIS to Otaniemi?

  1. Parent of EIS says:

    This proposal is a serious threat for the whole EIS community. Espoo city is planning to risk the children well being and health while trying to make unrealistic savings for school facilities.

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  2. Parent of EIS says:

    The proposed location and building in Otaniemi is not suitable for young children. I am seriously concerened about how their needs will be taken into account and their safety ensured in a bulding that will be remodeled for upper secondary school stuidents. It seems that relocating EIS to Otaniemi is just an afterthought, just because it can be done (unlike a ‘lähikoulu’)..

    We returned from several years overseas and settled down based on the current location of EIS. Given that it is very likely that we will move abroad again in a few years’ time due to my work, I want my children to continue in an international school. But not at any price. If the school will he relocated, we will look into other options.

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  3. Parent of EIS says:

    New school unsafe with 2500 kids in one 8 floor building in industrial area & lab dealing with hazardous chemicals and gases. No playground to play for 2500 kids in new premises. Reasoning for changing location not at all solid. It’s more expensive solution for Espoo city. Cheaper solution would be to build another school at Suurpelto

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  4. Parent of EIS says:

    I have personally worked at Tietotie 6. There are no facilities for kids either in the building or nearby. The Metro stop is adjacent, meaning the area will be noisy and quite crowded. The building has 8 floors, meaning kids will use elevators more than actual physical space. For kids in the higher floor, half of their recess time will go in climbing stairs. I do not support moving the peruskoulu there. In my opinion, the building suits office goers, and in some ways higher grade students ( Lukio or University)

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  5. Active PTA parent for ages says:

    Finland has been known around the world for its exceptional educational system. We have Saudi Arabian delegation visiting EIS as we speak and I believe the corner stone of any successful endevour is the foundation and the premises the children grow plays a big part. I dare the Espoo authorities to engage these kids and get an opinion before deciding their fortunes. If they can convince them before the deadline so be it or just go back to the drawing board and return with fresh proposals. I am open for changes and moving is not a concern but be progressive in your thinking. Finland is the best place in the world for the kids and should remain that way and now you decision makers have a chance to be a part of history be wise.

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  6. Chandu says:

    Moving all the kids under one roof will be a disaster and not safe everyday life or in emergencies. There is still a possibility to expand the current EIS premises. As of the history of the building don’t want to keep the kids there and be unhealthy, kids should be grown up healthy and in a good environment. A lot of parents moved around the surrounding of opinmäki because of the kids, and some feature upcoming EIS kids parents as well, dreaming that they will stay in EIS from 1-9 grades.
    Commuting will be a big mess and then walk to school will be missing or will be later to classes every day. Personally and professionally moving the EIS out of opinmäki will be a huge disaster.

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  7. A concerned parent says:

    First and foremost is the risk to children’s health and well-being. A building with a history of mold, in a location that lacks space for outdoor play is no place for young school children. Also, having upwards of 2000 students in one building is unmanageable and very overwhelming to the youngest students. Also, because the new location is far from where most EIS families live, children will face long commutes and lose the ability to easily move between home, school, and afternoon activities. This will result in stress on families and the loss of a feeling of community. There is also a risk to teachers, as the school environment makes a big impact on learning and teachers will be burdened with teaching in a challenging space that is not optimal for their students. Finally, there is a risk that this move will tarnish the positive reputation that Finland has in being a leader in education. Finnish education is known for designing its school system around the latest educational research on what is best for students and teachers. This plan clearly goes against everything that Finnish education supposedly holds dear– safe schools and communities, plenty of outdoor play, and optimized learning environments that put the needs of students first.


  8. Parent of EIS says:

    And one can also question how this moving affect not only children and teachers personally, but also education level. How it will impact parents who have been trusting that EIS location is in Opinmäki as school was moving in the campus just 2 years ago. One may question whether the city in presenting their outrageously expensive project have been taking into account the additional costs to be covered by the city of Espoo, if those 600 EIS pupil decide to move away from EIS and join their respective lähikoulu. In such case, it is likely that Espoo City will have to allocate funds to cover the costs for integrating those 600 kids into Finnish speaking schools by providing them qualified assistance and place in a local school.
    I have lived in Finland long enough to appreciate the Finnish institutional transparency, efficiency, trust in public services, and more over the common sense Finnish are so good at. This particular project have been shaking all those values.


  9. Tamilselvi Thangavel says:

    Like any other parent we invested in our house in Suurpelto just because of the school and thinking my daughter can easily and safely commute to school.. Recent days have been very stressful both for us as parents and my daughter because of the school relocation proposal… sole reason we prefer to stay in Finland is the education system and safety but now it seems this is going to be compromised with this new proposal.. very thinking of multistory school building and mold history itself is something I cannot accept… Personally we invested in a new apartment just for our mental peace of not to worry about the mold issues because like any other parent we wanted our kids to grow in a safer and hygienic environment.. being a foreigner I have always been proud and happy to be part of this great system and always been praising the entire system how it works in Finland back in my country and say I’m a happy tax payer because of the world class educational system, safety and of course my daughter’s school ( EIS)… I truly believe city would understand all our emotions for opinmaki and would give a positive news 😊


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